Battery warranties: something you need to know

Battery Warranties: Something You Need To Know

Battery failure seems to be an inevitable matter which even the most reliable battery in the world cannot avoid. This becomes the main reason why most battery manufacturers provide warranties for their customers which guarantee the performance and maintenance or exchange of a battery to a certain level. This article will mainly focus on what is battery warranties and what brand offers the best warranties, which can help you choose the most suitable batteries for your home or business.

What Is A Warranty?

A warranty is a type of guarantee which a manufacturer makes for its consumers about the condition of its product. It also refers to the terms in which repair or replacement services can be provided under certain conditions if the product fails to function as originally described or intended.

How To Evaluate Battery Warranties?

Battery warranties can be evaluated mainly in two ways: warranty years and cycle life.

Warranty Years

Warranty years serve as an important component in battery warranties, which guarantee a battery’s performance for a fixed number of years. Warranty terms can vary from one type of battery to another. For example, due to their shorter lifespan than lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries generally have a shorter warranty period, which usually lasts for less than 5 years, while most lithium-ion batteries enjoy warranties of 10 years or more.

Cycle Life

The cycle life of batteries means the number of charge and discharge cycles that a battery can perform before it fails. Battery manufacturers also make a warranty for how many cycles their products can complete in their service life. Likewise, Batteries with different chemistry have different levels of cycle life, which is warrantied accordingly. Generally, lithium-ion batteries can withstand hundreds or thousands of cycles, which makes them superior to their rival lead-acid batteries.

Comparing Top Battery Warranties

What do the battery warranties of the most popular brands look like? We evaluate the Tesla Powerwall 2, the LG Chem RESU 10H, the Sonnen eco 10, and the QH LFP series.

Tesla Powerwall 2


The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery stationary home energy storage product manufactured by Tesla Energy. Tesla offers a warranty of 10 years and makes a guarantee that this kind of product can enjoy an unlimited cycle life, which equips it for solar self-consumption, time of use load shifting or backup power.

LG Chem RESU 10H

Similar to the Tesla Powerwall 2, the LG Chem RESU 10H is a lithium-ion battery used for solar systems requiring energy storage with daily cycling. It can cycle daily for up to 10 years as needed for self-consumption, peak load shaving, backup power, and other similar systems. Although its cycle life remains unknown, it is sure that this product is warranted for 10 years just like the Tesla Powerwall 2.

Sonnen Eco 10

Unlike the two kinds of batteries mentioned, the Sonnen eco 10 contains lithium iron phosphate, which is newer to the solar market than most types of lithium-ion batteries as well as lead-acid batteries. These lithium-ion technologies enable the Sonnen eco 10 to have an extremely long cycle life of up to 10,000 cycles and boast a longer lifespan. Sonnen provides a warranty of 10 years as well.

QH LFP Series

Similar to the Sonnen eco 10, QH LFP series batteries are also Lithium iron phosphate battery module which is designed for UPS, solar system, portable devices, and other applications. These long-cycle-life batteries can last at least 6,000 cycles at over 80% depth of discharge. QH can provide 10-year warranty service for its customers.

Choosing The Best Battery For Your Home Or Business

It is always necessary to think about warranties when you choose batteries, but don’t forget there are still many factors that should be taken into consideration: price, performance, and durability. Do some careful research before making a decision, or turn to the QH experts for help. We are always here to offer the most helpful advice to you.